Do not you ask?

Do not you ask? All the atmosphere of the house. Once the infantry goes out, three of the heat will die unconditionally?

It seemed that he was not in a state of normal conversation. So, Kim Sun-hyuk rose from the spot.

I have to keep the equipment in order, and I need to talk. It takes a long time to do such a thing.

Park Suk-hong interjected and asked Danny reasonably.

Are not you scared? Can I die?

Kim Sun - hyuk said, "I see a young man 's face blocking my mouth.

비밀을 공유

Sharing a secret sometimes makes your relationships even more hard. That was exactly the case now. Jonathon, who was listening to his words with a serious face by his side, pinched himself and suggested his opinion.

You are my uncle.

I want to know what this sounds like. I was still listening to the conversation and soon I knew the identity of my uncle.

Frederick. Frederick. The uncle is a very outgoing person. Maybe if you know your abilities, you can use them somehow and you will not be able to eat them. If you set the ball properly, the upgrade is the winning prize.

It is the most dangerous spot,

It is the most dangerous spot, but it is also the most glorious spot.

Jonathan took the place of Hansen, who was not talking.

Leading the horsemen to the front and spearing the enemy first is the most important thing for us.

It was the pride of the tough guys here who are the most dangerous and most valuable. But today, that pride has been shattered. The recruit's assault completely destroyed the cavalry's common sense. In front of them everything that they consider important became meaningless.

Charge of life? Do not be ridiculous. The intense training in front of such ignorant powers, and all the strict sanctions are out there.

Gathered. The wind flocked

Gathered. The wind flocked around the crowd of light. And when light and wind gathered together and became a small whirlpool, he pushed the window vigorously.


The world was divided along the trail of the fast-paced window, and the piercing hole at the end of the window pierced the roar.

[We succeeded in unifying the two abilities that were merely aided in each other's efforts.]
[Attribution of energy and sharp charging skills have been combined into one new skill.]

Though he could not match the power of the typhoon, he succeeded in synthesizing the paddle and the charging skill for the first time on his own will.

"I did it!"

Then he quickly reached

Then he quickly reached out and caught a chicken leg.

"Hey. The commander came, too, and he changed the souls of the cooks. "

Hansen was ridiculous when he ate only one chicken leg in a wave of tranquility. I looked around and saw that the other cavalrymen could not stand their pride and swallow only the mouth.

누구의 조언

It was only Kim Sun-hyeok who knew that it was wrong.

I can not ask anyone's advice, I can not follow someone's back, but Kim was not sorry at all. The fruit given at the end of this hard path will not be the fruit given to anyone, but it will be only for oneself.

For once from property domination.

On the day when the true gravity of the courage was revealed to me one day, with the expectation of their future, they began their own training again.

우월한 스테이터스

The real power of the courage was not merely a superior status device. At the moment, the nature of the attributes passed to the dragon was great enough to see the illnesses under the eyes. This power was only a temporary means of priority, and I was shaken by the expectation of the future.

"Uh ..."

However, unlike the heart, the body that suffered from serious injuries was a dirty bed for a while.

"Khach hahaha."

Nevertheless, laughter has been leaking.