Then he quickly reached

Then he quickly reached out and caught a chicken leg.

"Hey. The commander came, too, and he changed the souls of the cooks. "

Hansen was ridiculous when he ate only one chicken leg in a wave of tranquility. I looked around and saw that the other cavalrymen could not stand their pride and swallow only the mouth.

누구의 조언

It was only Kim Sun-hyeok who knew that it was wrong.

I can not ask anyone's advice, I can not follow someone's back, but Kim was not sorry at all. The fruit given at the end of this hard path will not be the fruit given to anyone, but it will be only for oneself.

For once from property domination.

On the day when the true gravity of the courage was revealed to me one day, with the expectation of their future, they began their own training again.

우월한 스테이터스

The real power of the courage was not merely a superior status device. At the moment, the nature of the attributes passed to the dragon was great enough to see the illnesses under the eyes. This power was only a temporary means of priority, and I was shaken by the expectation of the future.

"Uh ..."

However, unlike the heart, the body that suffered from serious injuries was a dirty bed for a while.

"Khach hahaha."

Nevertheless, laughter has been leaking.


처박힐 판국

Responsibility is good, but he is now dead. If you see your body floating in a strange sense of affliction, you will be stuck somewhere in a strong wind that wanders outside.

"I did not look stupid, so I'll come back."

It was true that he was somewhat worried, but eventually he gave up exploring. However, the wind blowing at that time was momentarily stopped. It was just like a lie that the typhoon disappeared.

처우가 차이

"Do you think you can do anything other than shovel?"

He did not answer. It is the prosecution of the ROKA Army, the one who has nothing to do with extensions, and the late soldier.

Compared to the knights, the treatments are different, but in general, they are elites enough to keep horses and equipment at their mercy. Their value was not in repairing and tidying up the camp, which was to crush the enemy and add more majors. As such, they were not expecting much of their work capacity.

떠들어대던 이방인

The Gentiles who were excited among them, went back and Kim Hyun-hyeok was alone in thought. The words that Gang Jung-tae left behind were in my head.

"The stakes ..."

It is really strange to be coincidental.

In fact, he seriously thought about turning his career into a career soldier ahead of him before he came here. Even his mother, who was the only flesh, had a different name during his service, and society was never at ease with him. So he felt a certain degree of being a professional soldier.

일 처리를 뭐 이따위

"Do something about the job! Anyway, the cubs sitting at the desk and rolling the fan do not know the scene. The scene. "

Frederick, who was pouring fire from the mouths of the administration officials, showed only a very real appearance for a long time.

"If you have never ridden a horse, teach me to burn it."
"Do not you have to send it to the other side?"

Frederick said to him, grumbling about the unexpected words.

"The Gentiles are specially administered in the palace. It's a shit, but I can not talk about it. So I have to take it while teaching. "
"Come on. It will take a long time to use it in practice. "